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What’s Already Hap­pened — Sur­veil­lance, Com­plex­ity, Fraud, and Dis­as­trous Unin­tended Consequences
You could call it the era of the “mega-monop­oly” that siphoned off the power and influ­ence of mar­keters world­wide by rent­ing mar­keters “access” to their cus­tomers — and every­body jumped on the “big data, big track­ing, with behav­ioral micro-tar­get­ing cookie expo­sures.” The graphic above with the thou­sands of mid­dle­men in the dig­i­tal mar­ket­ing food chain depicts how mar­keters put their money in one end and what­ever results came out the other — after every­one got their “cut.”

Sur­veil­lance-based Track­ing (SBT) — after 20+ years, online mar­ket­ing is a $500+ bil­lion indus­try of “sur­veil­lance cap­i­tal­ism,” — accused of mon­e­tiz­ing lying, cheat­ing, steal­ing, manip­u­la­tion, and fraud on a global scale. SBT is sur­veil­lance-based ad tech, behav­ioral manip­u­la­tion, and fil­ter bub­bles that were sup­posed to improve online adver­tis­ing — not gen­er­ate bil­lions for orga­nized crime.

While pro­vid­ing the ben­e­fits of con­ve­nient (sup­pos­edly) “free” ser­vices (search, social, and sell­ing) SBT extracted sig­nif­i­cant indi­rect “costs” from con­sumers, mar­keters, and soci­ety at large in the form of:

Inva­sive Surveillance
Reduced Per­sonal Privacy
Exploita­tion w/o Permission
Destructive/Extractive/Fraudulent Ad Tech Sup­ply Chains
Exploitive Opaque Mega-Monopolies
Value of Per­sonal Data Goes to Third Parties