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Bob Garfield — is a promi­nent com­men­ta­tor and ana­lyst of adver­tis­ing and mar­ket­ing. For 25 years, his weekly AdReview in Adver­tis­ing Age eval­u­ated, vet­ted, parsed, decon­structed and offered uncanny prog­nos­ti­ca­tions for thou­sands of ads from hun­dreds of agen­cies world­wide based on such cri­te­ria as strat­egy, com­mu­ni­ca­tion, taste, ethics, brand rel­e­vance, cul­tural rel­e­vance and crafts­man­ship. Over the past decade, he has also famously — and pre­sciently — chron­i­cled the dig­i­tal rev­o­lu­tion, cul­mi­nat­ing in his land­mark 2009 book, The Chaos Sce­nario. His pre­vi­ous mar­ket­ing book, the 2003 man­i­festo on adver­tis­ing And Now a Few Words from Me, is pub­lished in eight lan­guages. His book, Can’t Buy Me Like, co-authored with Doug Levy, was pub­lished in March 2013.

The Chaos Sce­nario, 2009
The Human Ele­ment — TEDx­Nashville, 2012

Bob Hoff­man — Bob Hoff­man is The Ad Con­trar­ian, an author, speaker, and part­ner in Type A Group, a con­sul­tancy to agen­cies and mar­keters. He has writ­ten five books about adver­tis­ing, which have all been Ama­zon #1 best sell­ers. Bob’s “The Ad Con­trar­ian” blog, was named one of the world’s most influ­en­tial adver­tis­ing and mar­ket­ing blogs by Busi­ness Insider. Bob was pre­vi­ously Chairman/CEO of Hoffman/Lewis adver­tis­ing, one of the West’s largest inde­pen­dent adver­tis­ing agen­cies. He was for­merly CEO of MOJO USA and pres­i­dent and cre­ative direc­tor of Allen & Dor­ward. Bob has cre­ated adver­tis­ing for McDon­ald’s, Toy­ota, Shell, Nes­tle, Chevro­let, Pep­sico, Bank of Amer­ica, AT&T, and more com­pa­nies than he cares to remem­ber. Bob’s 2017 book, Bad­Men: How Adver­tis­ing Went From A Minor Annoy­ance To A Major Men­ace, dis­cussed the dan­gers of “sur­veil­lance mar­ket­ing” two years before Shoshana Zubof­f’s The Age of Sur­veil­lance Cap­i­tal­ism: The Fight for a Human Future at the New Fron­tier of Power.

World Fed­er­a­tion of Adver­tis­ers April, 2017 — Bob Hoff­man — Adtech
Adver­tis­ing Week Europe 2014 — Bob Hoff­man — The Golden Age of Bullshit

Clay Shirky — An Amer­i­can writer, con­sul­tant and teacher on the social and eco­nomic effects of Inter­net tech­nolo­gies. He teaches New Media as an asso­ciate teacher[3] at New York Uni­ver­si­ty’s (NYU) grad­u­ate Inter­ac­tive Telecom­mu­ni­ca­tions Pro­gram (ITP). His columns and writ­ings have appeared in Busi­ness 2.0, the New York Times, the Wall Street Jour­nal, the Har­vard Busi­ness Review and Wired.

TED Talks — Insti­tu­tions vs Col­lab­o­ra­tion — July 14, 2005
Web 2.0 Expo — It’s Not Infor­ma­tion Over­load, It’s Fil­ter Fail­ure — Sep­tem­ber 19, 2008

Cory Doc­torow  — A sci­ence fic­tion author, activist, jour­nal­ist, and blog­ger — the edi­tor of Plu­ral­is­tic and the author of young adult nov­els like Lit­tle Brother and Home­land and nov­els for adults like Attack Sur­face and Walk­a­way, as well as non­fic­tion books like How to Destroy Sur­veil­lance Cap­i­tal­ism. He is the for­mer Euro­pean direc­tor of the Elec­tronic Fron­tier Foun­da­tion and co-founded the UK Open Rights Group. Doc­torow believes that copy­right laws should be lib­er­al­ized to allow for the free shar­ing of all dig­i­tal media.

What is Sur­veil­lance Cap­i­tal­ism and How Do We Stop It? — Ma