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Simple Rules

Indi­vid­ual “Pedias” are gov­erned by sim­ple rules. (Click on top­ics below)

Truth­ful High-Value Information

Mar­keters pro­vide truth­ful high-value infor­ma­tion. “Truth­ful high-value infor­ma­tion” is the infor­ma­tion that con­sumers use to deter­mine which prod­ucts or ser­vices they want to buy and is dif­fer­ent from the purely pro­mo­tional “yadda-yaddain most com­mer­cials and ads. The “high-value truth­ful­ness” of infor­ma­tion is guar­an­teed and is ulti­mately deter­mined by con­sumers them­selves (con­sumer-engaged stan­dards). (See “Any­one, Any­where, Any­time” following…)

Any­one, Any­where, Any­time, Any­thing (A4)

Con­sumers may object to any infor­ma­tion in the Pedia plat­form that they believe does­n’t meet the “high-value truth­ful” stan­dard with the “any­one, any­where, any­time, any­thing” (A4) sim­ple rule that states: “Any­one, any­where at any­time may object to the ‘high-value truth­ful­ness’ of any­thing by sim­ply fill­ing out a form and sub­mit­ting it.” The objec­tion is then for­warded to the mar­keter for fur­ther action under the “sub­stan­ti­ate, mod­ify, or pull” rule. (below…) Besides cre­at­ing an unas­sail­able truth val­i­da­tion method, this also cre­ates the ideal con­sumer engage­ment oppor­tu­nity for mar­keters to authen­ti­cally engage con­sumers who have expressed spe­cific con­cerns directly to the mar­keters not pos­si­ble with POI ads.

Sub­stan­ti­ate, Mod­ify or Pull (SMP)

Mar­keters must respond to any con­sumer “high-value truth­ful infor­ma­tion objec­tion” by “sub­stan­ti­at­ing” the infor­ma­tion, “mod­i­fy­ing” the infor­ma­tion, or “pulling” the infor­ma­tion. Final deter­mi­na­tion will be by an AI/ML assisted process with results pub­lished by the marketer.

A Sim­ple Bargain

Where con­sumers engage with mar­keters’ infor­ma­tion as long as mar­keters pro­vide truth­ful infor­ma­tion to con­sumers. Could­n’t be sim­pler — every­one gets what they want and it cre­ates the most pow­er­ful point of need mar­ket­ing plat­form that makes all mar­ket­ing work better.

100% Con­sumer Aligned

The Pedia plat­forms are 100% con­sumer aligned.

Pedi­aNet­work® Plat­form is gov­erned by sim­ple rules. (Click on top­ics below)

No Direct Com­pet­i­tive Advertising

No “Direct Com­pet­i­tive Adver­tis­ing” on the Pedi­aNet­work® Plat­form, where ads are sold on a direct com­peti­tor’s Web­page. Only non-com­pet­i­tive ads will be per­mit­ted — ie., dog col­lar ads on a dog food page, auto wax ads on a tire page., etc. Spe­cific rules will be pro­mul­gated and approved by the mar­keters, con­sumers, and Pedi­aNet­work® Plat­form managers.

Most pow­er­ful mar­ket­ing plat­form in history

Wikipedia has proven beyond any doubt that the “Pedia Effect” can be mas­sively pop­u­lar and author­i­ta­tive with­out adver­tis­ing and despite being con­structed by “a bunch of nobod­ies” for aca­d­e­mic, non-com­mer­cial purposes.

The “Pedia Credibility Algo­rithm” (PCA) enables a “bunch of some­bod­ies” to build “a com­mer­cial Wikipedia” that pro­vides con­sumers with “every­thing they want to know about every­thing they want to buy” in con­ve­nient com­pany “ency­clo­Pe­dias.”

Given the con­sumer need for such infor­ma­tion and the resources these “some­bod­ies” can bring to bear, marketers can cre­ate the sin­gle most pow­er­ful and cred­i­ble point-of-need con­sumer infor­ma­tion resource in his­tory that makes all mar­ket­ing and adver­tis­ing a mar­keter has ever done — work bet­ter, and pro­vides mar­keters with a solu­tion to the exis­ten­tial cri­sis from AI-dri­ven per­sonal assis­tants that choose for con­sumers, cut­ting mar­keters out of the loop entirely. Mar­keters can now shift the bal­ance of power in their favor.

Democ­ra­tized con­trol by con­sumers and mar­keters — for their mutual benefit