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Con­sumers (buy­ers), mar­keters (sell­ers), and mar­ket­ing built the “online advertising/marketing/commerce ecosys­tem” includ­ing the Big Tech mega-monop­o­lies who will now most cer­tainly use AI to keep doing what they’ve been doing to con­sumers, mar­keters, and mar­ket­ing for the past 20 years. Only this time mar­keters and con­sumers together can choose to take back their power before it’s too late.

  • Mar­keters and con­sumers can take back their power from the Big Tech mega-monop­o­lies by estab­lish­ing the most pow­er­ful mar­ket­ing net­work plat­form in his­tory, con­trolled by mar­keters and con­sumers together — for their mutual benefit.
  • The plat­form is sim­ple, fun­da­men­tal, and more pow­er­ful than any “inter­rup­tion-based expo­sure ad platform.” 
  • The plat­form is based on credibility “at the point-of-need” (PON) instead of expo­sures at the “point-of-inter­rup­tion” (POI) so it is effi­cient and effec­tive — and it makes every­thing a mar­keter does (past, present, and future) work better.
  • The plat­form cre­ates a direct con­nec­tion between mar­keters and con­sumers where mar­keters pro­vided the truth­ful infor­ma­tion con­sumers want and con­sumers pro­vide the inten­tional engage­ment with that infor­ma­tion that mar­keters want
  • The plat­form has every­thing con­sumers and mar­keters want and noth­ing they don’t want.
  • The plat­form is scalable.
  • The plat­form is truth­ful, trans­par­ent, and pri­vate, with­out track­ing, sur­veil­lance or unwanted interruptions.
  • The plat­form has decen­tral­ized, democ­ra­tized con­trol by con­sumers and mar­keters for their mutual ben­e­fit, and the ben­e­fit of society-at-large. 
  • And most impor­tantly, the plat­form has been proven over 20+ years.

The “Pedia Effect” cre­ates the most pow­er­ful mar­ket­ing plat­form net­work in his­tory based on credibility instead of expo­sures — where mar­ket­ing is the mes­sage and the media, not the interruption.